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Career Prep.   Coaching.   Talent Development.

Science Bridge is an online platform for further education and skills training of science graduates, focusing on career preparation, skills development and talent networking.


For Students

Interested in developing your soft skills or finding your dream employer?


For Industry

Do you want to upskill your employees or find the right talent for your business?

At Science Bridge, we are passionately bringing about change by actively bridging the gap between university education and workplace requirements. Our unique range of services is founded on personal experience and expertise in the field of education, science and career preparation.

Students can access our range of:


Soft skills training


Courses and Workshops


Career preparation coaching


Personal Branding


Soft skills training for employees


Executive coaching


Employer branding


Talent network

Employers can capitalize on our:

Our partners

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Giving you the Edge.

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South Africa produces great talent, which needs to be retained in the country, by proper training and facilitation we are able to build a strong biotechnological hub of economical south.

Our mission is to create unique opportunities fully focused on talented and deeply motivated postgraduate students of health-science related fields of studies in South Africa. We aim to engage students with their dream employers.

What we offer

Knowledge is like a garden. If it is not cultivated, it cannot be harvested.

African Proverb

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