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Science Bridge collaborates with a team of amazing individuals, who specialize in coaching for improving personal growth!

Our coaches are experts in the field of personal and career development - working with a suitable coach can make all the difference in preparing you for your dream job.


What is a coach?

A coach is not a mentor, neither are they a scientist - but they can be! A coach is there to nurture and provide guidance through your personal growth, by helping you achieve your goals, stimulating your thinking, challenging your ideas and creating a safe space for you to plan your next steps.

What does a coach do?

A coach works with you to create personalized career or personal growth plan based on your aspirations and current situation. In the coaching process they can become your accountability partner as well as biggest supporter. 

How to choose the right coach?

Choosing the right coach is important is a very personalized choice. Interested in finding the right coach for you? Read through the profiles below and watch our interviews with each coach to see which would be suitable for you? 

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Hesed Consulting


Vumile Msweli is an international speaker, renowned career coach and the Chief Executive officer for Hesed Consulting. Hesed is a consulting firm specializing in commerce acceleration, career coaching, women empowerment,  facilitation and training on the African continent. Her company is present in Rwanda, Nigeria, Botswana, United States of America and South Africa.

Vumile has worked in Europe, Asia and across the African continent for reputable multinational institutions including Barclays, Investec, Nedbank, First National Bank and Vodafone.

She is an award-winning businesswoman who has received honors such as the Women’s’ Economic Forum’s Woman of Excellence Award, named 34th Most Influential Young South African by Avance Media, the Southern Times one of South Africa’s most influential young women.

Vumi has also been awarded the Elle Boss of the Year in the Corporate Category and she is
TEDx Speaker!

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Liezl-Mari is the founder of Shapeshifter Consulting where she provides coaching to Executives, Entrepreneurs & Postgraduate students.

She has a BA Honours in Psychology (UNISA) and an MPhil in Management Coaching from University of Stellenbosch Business School and was recently awarded a scholarship from University of Stellenbosch to pursue a PhD from 2021 onwards.


She fundamentally believes that every individual is creative, however it is the degree of creativity that differs between individuals. Through coaching and consulting she aims to empower individuals to broaden their thinking to discover wider possibilities, bespoke solutions, and authentic action plans.

Her preferred coaching approach entails creating meaning and purpose within your work or studies and often uses design thinking, especially divergent thinking, as part of her process.

Shapeshifter Consulting



As a coach, Evodia sees herself as a catalyst for growth. Her aim is to help clients re-focus, clarify their vision and unravel their career journey. Most importantly, her focus is to improve performance and interpersonal skills, enhance self-awareness and self-actualization and provide a sustainable positive change. Coaching affords her the opportunity to collaborate with clients and to share in their journey of learning and unearthing new versions of themselves.

In her coaching Evodia uses the OPTIC model which has five main steps and sessions: Orientation (getting to know each other), Probing (identifying and unpacking the issues and challenges), Troubleshooting (identifying and analyzing possible solutions), Implementation (choosing and implementing suitable solution) and Conclusion (reflecting on the process and concluding).

Evodia has MPhil (Management Coaching) from Stellenbosch University (Business School), which was awarded in March 2017. She belongs to Coaches and Mentors of South Africa (COMENSA) association. 


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Wolfgang is an NLP & Advanced Certified Neurozone® Coach Practitioner focusing on mindfulness and performance. His coaching approach is based on the practice of mindfulness. He believes that if we start by mindfully (re)discovering our authentic selves, we can better articulate our direction or purpose.


If we also mindfully transform our behaviors by optimizing our brain/body systems, we can perform exceedingly well while serving our purpose. This process will simplify our goals, increase their value and give us the motivation needed to achieve them. Wolfgang also believes that we should collectively and creatively use our knowledge, skills, and expertise to allocate resources together and to distribute these resources fairly in order to survive and thrive.


On a more personal level, he is a very keen observer, abstract-thinker, traveler, and yoga practitioner, with a passion for helping people to help themselves. He believes that if we can all learn to help ourselves, we might become more responsible and accountable human beings. We might even become more responsive to other human beings, including our environment, from which we can learn that mindfulness will always yield positive results. Improving yourself, improves the world around you!


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