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Embrace your Future Career.

Science Bridge has developed a unique bespoke course dedicated to preparing science graduates for success.

We will teach you strategies such as building your CV, resume, cover letter, setting up a professional social media presence and much more.

Browse & access the course below:

The course is prepared in collaboration with LabVine learning management platform, providing a tried and testing learning experience that you will find enjoyable and easy to use. Reach out to us at for any support needed.

Test Tubes

What People Say.

I recently completed the Job Preparedness Course on the Science Bridge website. I really enjoyed the course. It was easy to follow and well paced out. I found the course to be very informative and well-presented. I gained a lot of knowledge about how to write a professional CV, resume and cover letter as well as how to create and maintain a professional self brand.

I really loved how Miss Scibiorek brings to light the challenges a science graduate may have when job searching, CV or resume writing and maintaining their self brand on social media. I also appreciated how the course offered solutions to all of the common mistakes that people make when entering the job market.

The information presented is also so relevant for preparing myself for a virtual job interview in this COVID-19 pandemic. The course presents good examples of what a person should and shouldn’t do when preparing themselves for a job interview or even job searching or updating their social media.

I would definitely recommend this course to everyone, especially, those who have just graduated and started their job search. The course will provide great tips and will definitely put you ahead of the pack with an outstanding and professional CV, resume and cover letter and overall, self brand.

—  Prishanta Pillay, PhD candidate, Stellenbosch University

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