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  • One year program

  • In-person and online training

  • Biomedical Science Career Preparation

  • Strong Entrepreneurship Component

  • Science Career Development

  • Life and career coaching

  • Becoming an Entrepreneur

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Testimonials Cohort 2022

BuildUP Science Career Accelerator

BuildUP Science Career Accelerator

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Program content

Students will be finalizing their academic curriculum while participating in the program part-time. The program covers three modules:

  • Jumpstart Your Career 

  • Small Business Course for Scientists

  • Entrepreneurship Basics

Each module is taught online via zoom. Classes are 45-90 min long, Once a week. 

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Finding placement

Entering incubator

At the end of the year our students have a clear idea about their next steps in the career development.

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Student profile:

  • final year postgraduate student (MSc or PhD level) and postdoctoral fellows

  • Academic background includes but is not limited to the following:

    • plant biology,

    • human biology,

    • pharmacy,

    • health sciences,

    • genetics,

    • developmental biology,

    • virology,

    • immunology,

    • medicine.

Time commitment:

  • Support program

  • few days a month

Applications are now closed

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