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Are you a Student?

Science Bridge offers a wide range of services to help you as a science or healthcare graduate find and prepare for your dream career.

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Personal branding is an important skill required to present yourself as the ideal candidate to the job you're pursuing. Take one of our unique courses or visit our network of coaches to find out how to brand yourself in the best way possible.


Soft skills training are necessary skills that are valued by all workplaces. Learning necessary skills such as time management, communication, problem-solving etc. can be an important asset in applying for new opportunities. 


Our unique tailor-made online courses and workshops will equip you with the necessary skill set to launch a successful career as a scientist transitioning from the academic environment into industry. We  cover topics such as CV, Networking, Interview preparation and many others.

Interested in a Career in Science but unsure what's next? 

Browse our unique Career Map for Scientists

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Have more questions?

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